Rosaverde, was established in 1978 by Antonio Rosaverde, is international leader in the manufacture of Emergency Supplies (for: electronic sirens, telephones, emergency hydraulic systems, emergency electrical systems, etc..; with long-life battery Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride), Emergency lights with Power LEDs designed specifically forl ifts, Electronic sirens with high sound output and low consumption, Lighting cabin with Power LEDs with high brightness, low power consumption and long life.

Rosaverde stands out for competence, reliability and professionalism. Total quality is pursued with rigorous testing on various stages of working of all equipment produced, using only quality materials. This is demonstrated by more than 150,000 annual installations worldwide with Rosaverde products.

The company has its own R &D, one of the best in its sector, and uses the latest and best technology available. 

                                                           ROSAVERDE   Via Cicognani, 34   -  61122 Pesaro  (ITALY)        P.I. 00378110415