Our lighting productionis composed of small ceiling lights (LEDIERA) with HIGHT POWER LEDs and a special power supply(DRIVER). The advantages are several: more light efficiency than fluorescent lights, over 90% energy saving (compared to halogen lighting).

The exclusive INPLES® technology is the result of our research and development; it is the only one system able to guarantee the independence of LEDIERA (ceiling lights) and the integrated emergency lighting. The INPLES® system allows to dimensioning and distributing uniformly the emergency light into the normal lighting. In this way you can remove all the emergency lamps achieving extraordinary aesthetic benefits. 

The entireINPLES® systemis pre-wired, does not require additional external components and takes a few minutes to be installed.




DRIVER is made in order to operate for long time and over 1.000.000 switching; it is provided with 6 INPLES outputs for the independent connection of the LEDIERA (ceiling lights), in this way if there is a malfunction of one of them,the others will not switch off. The INPLES® emergency light in case of a power failure will activate a reduced light powered by a rechargeable battery, which is incorporated internally (in use always switched    ON) or in an emergency external driver (in use ON/OFF); the battery range (3 / 6 hours) is for connecting one LEDIERA with INPLES 100emergency function (ceiling lights) to one driver. 






 The LEDIERA  are planned by INPLES®  technology  and are predisposed to operate independently and as an emergency light. Their luminous efficiency can with a consumption of 3 W,  to offer an excellent illumination comparable to a halogen lamp 50 W;  while its duration is 15 to 25 times longer.  They are equipped with cable plug for a fast connection to the driver . There are three different tonalities of white : warm 3000K, neutral 4500K, neutral 5000K. The luminosity is provided between 280 and 340 lumens , for a duration of 50000 hours  . They are equipped with LEDs CREE-XRE.



LEDIERA spot: 50 mm. diameter and only  only 37 mm. height, it can be used instead of halogen bulbs in any type of fitting. Its optical part has a 40° angle which allows a greater diffusion of luminosity.




LEDIERA MOON: 50 mm. diameter and only 20 mm. height, it can be used instead of halogen bulbs in any type of fitting.

The optical part diffuses the light uniformly from its entire spherical surface at 180°.






LINEAR LEDIERA creates indirect lighting effects, diffused light or backlight. The support allows quick and easy installation in frames and others light diffusers. 





                                                         ACCESSORIES: there are several accessories to complete the system INPLES®